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martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

"Trilogia The Forbidden Game" de L.J Smith

1. The Hunter.


Jenny is looking for a special present for her boyfriend Tom.
She finds herself in an unusual shop, in the rough part of town.
There she buys a game , complete with paper house, in a plain box, from a beautiful blue eyed boy.

On her way home, she realises she is being followed by two rough looking characters, who seem to want the game also.

That night, she and her friends, Tom, Audrey, Mike, Dee Zach and Summer, play the game, making the house, and invoking a rune.

The next thing they know, they are all inside the game, inside the paper house that they constructed.

The blue eyed boy from the shop is Julian, the youngest of the *Shadow men*, demonlike spirits that live in the shadows.
Julian has been in love with Jenny since she was a child, and has constructed this game to make her his.

The friends are told that they have to make their way through the house, facing their worst nightmares on the way.
If they make it to the top of the house by dawn, they are free to go, if they dont, they belong to Julian.


2. The Chase.

Jenny's friends are lost one by one to a ghostly wolf and a phantom snake, instruments of the sinister but attractive Shadow Man, who has returned from the Shadow World with a deadly game called ""Lambs and Monsters.""


3. The Kill

To rescue her boyfriend Tom and her cousin Zach from the evil Julian, Jenny Thornton and her friends--Audrey, Michael, and Dee--venture into the Shadow World, armed only with a set of runes that hold the key to the doors of hell.


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